Session 3 Growing Beetroot from Seed Live from the Potting Shed OURganic

Learn To Grow

Join us for a LIVE 8 week course from the
comfort of your own home.

Ideal for beginner growers with tips and tricks to grow your own food.
Starts Saturday 12th March at 11am. 
Full course costs €60.00 and is fully interactive. 
Includes all notes and access to all recordings. 

Max Participants is 15 so book now to avoid dissappointment! 

Week 1 - Welcome and Introductions - OUR Garden Story 
Making a plan for your garden - Location is Key!

Week 2 - Jobs for March
Sowing seeds and watching the weather 

Week 3 - Getting down to earth ! 
A look at out soil and the importance of looking after it 

Week 4 - Jobs for April 
Preparing for the weather - Its the little things that count! 

Week 5 - Preparing your raised beds or starting from scratch
Using a cold frame and the importance of protecting your seedlings

Week 6 - Crop Rotation and Companion Planting 
Let your garden grow for you ! 

Week 7 -Weeds , Pests and Diseases 
Using natural remedies to protect your plants

Week - 8 Jobs for May 
Harvesting and using your produce
   When to harvest and how to get the best out of your hard work
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