Vegetable Garden Planning Webinar

with OURganic Gardens

Saturday 25th April 2020 @4pm 

Due to not being able to be together Joanne has decided to run these  FREE garden design workshops online due to the circumstances .


There has never been a better time to get planning your vegetable garden and on this online Vegetable garden design workshop Joanne will take you through step by step on how to plan your own vegetable garden , using Zoom platform . 


From designing your structures ,drawing your plans , selecting your seed and harvesting your crops at the right time you will come away with the know how on how to get going in your vegetable garden .

During the 40 minute webinar we will look at :

*Introduction to vegetable garden design (formal , informal , permaculture , raisedbeds , potager etc..) .

*A look at software available for garden design (for those who prefer drawing this option will be explored also ) .

*Plant Families and their importance – Crop Rotation , Companion Planting , polycropping etc…

*Site location and knowing your land.

*Soil Structure and Soil Improvements – The importance of Organic Matter and how to get to know your soil .

*Selecting vegetable varieties that grow best in your soil .

*Sorting the seeds and using your plan as a guide. 

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