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spring 2021 courses
Session 3 Growing Beetroot from Seed Liv
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Introduction to growing your own food

Starting Soon - See dates below


Facilitated by experienced gardener 
Joanne Butler and streamed live every week at the same time through Zoom

Courses cost €40.00 per person for  our complete course including course notes and certificate of attendance

  •  Week one - Welcome and Introductions - Show us your garden or share your garden story 

    • Our local food system - How does it work ​

    • Making a plan for your garden 

  • Week 2 - Getting down to earth : A look at our soil and the importance of looking after it and understanding it 

    • What is soil

    • Soil analysis​ , structure and texture

    • Checking your pH

    • Organic Matter - What is it and where to source it in your area

  • Week 3 - A look at our garden plans , the set up and the story 

    • Walk through of our garden

    • Reflections and plans for the future 

    • A look at Garden styles / techniques / approaches 

  • Week 4 - It starts with the seed -The importance of seeds 

    • selecting and storing your seed ​

    • vegetable families and seed identification 

    • Sowing seeds and minding your seedlings

    • Sourcing seeds - where seed comes from , how it is processed and how the seed companies we affected during Covid 19

    • Local seed saving organisations in Ireland 

    • How we all can help save seeds in our communities 

  • Week 5 - Weeds , Pests and Diseases 

    • A look at whats in our gardens ​

    • Top 5 in your area - identification and natural remedies 

    • Q & A on what we find 

  • Week 6 - Becoming the constant gardener 

    • Reflecting on your growing success to date ​

    • Sharing your produce / surplus within your community 

    • The ripple effect - the opportunities for small scale local food growing in times of uncertainty 

    • Next steps as a grower and as a community - Get involved !

These classes last approx 1 1/2 hours  but can sometime overrun due to the content and conversation of the group .

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