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One 2 One

Vegetable Garden Planning & Design Consultation

with Joanne Butler from OURganic Gardens

There has never been a better time to get growing your own food and with this online vegetable garden design consultation package 

 Joanne will take you step by step through planning your own vegetable garden and get off to a head start for next year's growing season. 


This complete package costs €100 and  includes  2 x 1 hour private online in person sessions ,  a personalised vegetable garden plan PLUS a full years schedule of what to be doing in your garden


Week 1 of 2020 in the garden ..
Fresh salad from the garden all year round
Some of our 2020 produce
Joanne with new potatoes from the garden

Session 1 - Online Zoom Meeting

Finding vegetable garden design that suits your individual needs (formal, informal, permaculture, raised beds, potager, etc..).

Site location and knowing your land - detailed talk about what you want/need in your vegetable garden, what your garden currently looks like, and what is need to get it up and running.  

Soil Structure and Soil Improvements – The importance of building soil in your garden and how to get to know your soil.

Selecting vegetables that you want to grow, and letting Joanne take care of the next steps


 Joanne will then design your vegetable garden layout that will include all your chosen vegetables and fruit and also include a personalised planting calendar and month by month jobs in the garden . 


Session 2 - Online Zoom Meeting

Detailed walk-through of your new garden plan and next steps for you to take before spring. 

Month by Month Snapshot of your garden jobs going forward. 

Where to source your seeds , your soil and Accessories

Questions and Advice Going Forward


Once you have requested to book your first session , Joanne will check the dates and times to make sure they suit . If all ok then Joanne will send you on an invoice to pay for the consultations and plans (€100 in total) in advance of the sessions . 

If you have a gift voucher for this you can contact me here to let me know :) 

Samples of our work 

MURROW-Garden and raised bed area  (1).jpg
bottom garden feeding guide.jpg
Draft Plan revision 4.jpg
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